National News: Aktuellt & Rapport

Almost all our broadcasts have at least some graphics played out by CasparCG in them.
This case is just one of many examples of a project that makes heavier use of CasparCG.

CasparCG Server used for several national news shows

What: National news shows Aktuellt and Rapport use multiple CasparCG Servers for all in-studio and overlay graphics, lower-thirds and wipes.
Where: SVT: Swedish Broadcasting Corporation in Stockholm, Sweden.
Parts of CasparCG used: FFmpeg Producer, Flash Producer and DeckLink Consumer
Hardware used: 8 HP Z210 workstations with dual BlackMagic Design DeckLink HD Extreme 3D cards, meaning 16 fill + 16 key HD-SDI outputs
When: Seven days a week at 9 o’clock. CasparCG Server has been in use on every night since the winter of 2007.

In 2012 when the news show Aktuellt was to be re-made in HD in a completely new studio, the role of CasparCG Server grew even larger. Since 2007 all lower-third graphics and opening titles have been played from CasparCG SD systems. The next step, apart from going to HD, was to add wipes and synchronized graphics playing both in the giant studio screens and as overlays.

The new studio is the first of five studios that is being upgraded to a shared 3G 1080p50 back-end. As a first step 8 CasparCG Servers with dual fill+key outputs were installed, giving a total of 16 fill+key HD outputs that can be routed to any studio and control room.

To drive the 8 x 1 m LED screen with multiple inputs, a VistaSystems Spyder is fed four HD-SDI inputs (two from CasparCG Servers and two from the vision mixer) and with a custom-build interface the graphics operator can trigger both CasparCG Server graphics/videos and stored Spyder presets with picture-in-picture and similar effects.

As some of the studio infrastructure couldn’t be delivered fully 3G-capable, the premiere was produced in 1080i50 for a 720p50 delivery.