Quiz Show: Vi i 5:an

Almost all of SVT’s broadcasts have at least some graphics played out by CasparCG in them.
This case is just one of many examples of a project that makes heavier use of CasparCG.


What: Kid’s quiz show Vi i 5:an broadcast nationally once a week each spring.
Where: SVT: Swedish Broadcasting Corporation in Stockholm, Sweden.
Parts of CasparCG used: Flash Producer and Fullscreen Consumer. All in-studio graphics (9 LCD monitors and 3 projectors) and scoring systems was handled by CasparCG.
Hardware used: 12 Mac Mini’s running Windows XP, connected via DVI to LCD’s and projectors.
When: First season recoded with CasparCG was in the summer of 2008, even though the show has been aired since 1970.

All in-studio graphics for the popular 5th-grader quiz show Vi i 5:an was handled by CasparCG using Flash content that was updated dynamically via a custom-build controller software running on a laptop, similar to the setup for Vem Vet Mest? but without any SDI output for broadcast.