Fund-raiser “Världens Barn”

Almost all SVT’s broadcasts have at least some graphics played out by CasparCG in them.
This case is just one of many examples of a project that makes heavier use of CasparCG.

Fund Raiser: Världens Barn

The yearly fund-raiser “Världens Barn” wanted to combine a more visually engaging counter for the collected funds, and at the same time simplify the behind-the-scenes handling. By using a custom-built software that polled an external XML file (in 3 seconds intervals) that contained the accumulated total and a time stamp, the on-screen and in-studio counters could be handled by just person instead of the previous systems that required manual updates and a staff of 3 to 5 people. The animated counter (in two sizes played on separate layers of the same SDI output) was created in Flash and had a mode that animated the updated amount and user-selectable intervals. The counter also had a special mode with a longer animation that was automatically triggered when passing each million, but could also be triggered when an amount was added manually.

The over 200 lower-third graphics for name signs, phone numbers and such were also handled by CasparCG on a separate machine, also handled by just one operator.

The only change made for the  2010 broadcasts was to update the look of the graphics and to produce the entire show in HD (1080i50,) although it was still broadcast in SD 16:9.

What: Charity fund-raiser “Världens barn”
Where: SVT: Swedish Broadcasting Corporation in Stockholm, Sweden.
Parts of CasparCG used: Flash Producer and Bluefish Consumer displaying on-air lower-third signs and tickers. The FFmpeg Producer and Bluefish Consumer displaying titles, bumpers and similar videos. In-studio and on-screen counter created with a Flash Producer and Bluefish Consumer playing a Flash SWF that is updated via a custom-build C++ software that polls an external XML-file and continuously animated the incoming funds.
Hardware used: 2 Dell R5400 with dual Bluefish Epoch HD cards.
When: Fall of 2009, fall of 2010, fall of 2011