Channel Branding & End-Credit-Squeeze


What: CasparCG Server used in automated promotion system for six simultaneous national TV channels in HD. CasparCG Server is used to overlay channel logos and dynamic data such as line-ups, promos and animations on top of programming. Since 2012 it is also used for live end-credit squeezes.
Where: SVT: Swedish Broadcasting Corporation in Stockholm, Sweden.
Parts of CasparCG used: Flash Producer playing both SWF and FLV’s with alpha, FFmpeg Producer playing QuickTime videos with alpha and audio, DeckLink Producer for HD-input for end-credit squeeze, DeckLink Consumer for all HD-SDI output.
Hardware used: HP Z210, BlackMagic Design’s DeckLink HD Extreme 3D
When: Around the clock since the summer of 2008.

Launched in 2008, SVT’s rebuilt automation system replaced an older system using traditional video servers and graphics systems. Planning was done in a custom-built software, but the data had to be manually entered into another software before being output to screen, and every action (such as showing a “Next: CSI” sign) was done manually by clicking in a Windows interface.

When play-out of all shows went to digital-from-disk, the system was rebuild around an updated in-house built planning software coupled with an automation system from Pebble Beach and video/audio servers from Omneon. To be able to show dynamic data such as line-ups and next signs, the choice was made to replace the traditional broadcast vendors’ graphics systems with CasparCG.

The illustration shows quite a complex setup for each channel, including both a mixer and a down-stream keyer. This was in part due to the fact that SVT wanted to be able to capture parts of the video streams for web publication, before the dynamic data was added to the video stream.

A CasparCG Server for each channel is controlled and fed data via the Chyron‘s Intelligent Interface, CII, but there’s also a data path where XML files are generated from the planning system directly.

In 2011 all channels started to broadcast in HD 720p50 (SD programs are upscaled before broadcast) and all channel graphics are therefore rendered in HD as well.

In 2012, the hardware was updated to HPZ210 servers with dual DeckLink HD Extreme 3D video cards and input video was fed into the CasparCG Servers so that the end-credit squeeze with real-time scaling of the live video could take place while at the same time displaying dynamic data and images/video controlled via an Adobe AIR interface (later to be replaced by automation.)

Overview of the End-Credit-Squeeze system:

End-Credit-Squeeze System Overview

End-Credit-Squeeze System Overview (click to view)


Commands sent to CasparCG Server for End-Credit-Squeeze:

Command flowchart of End-Credit-Squeeze

Command flowchart of End-Credit-Squeeze


AIR app used for editing and manual playout of the End-Credit-Squeeze: