FIFA World Cup 2010 Live graphics

Everything from the match timer, tickers, score boards and name signs is being controlled either by automation or a single operator using a combination of the regular CasparCG Client and a custom-made client.

Varldens barn

Fund-raiser: “Världens Barn”

Real-time funds counter in Flash, fed by up-to-date XML stats from collection database.


Channel Branding & End-Credit Squeeze

CasparCG used in automated promotion system for six simultaneous national TV channels in SD and HD. CasparCG is used to overlay dynamic data and animations on top of video.


Game Show: Vem Vet Mest?

The game show Vem Vet Mest? broadcasts five days a week. Everything is controlled from a single laptop running custom-built controller software that interfaces with all CasparCG play-out servers, the database with questions, the judges’ buttons, the light bulbs and all the 15 contestant stands with buttons and screens.


National News: Aktuellt & Rapport

Sweden’s longest-running news show plays-out step-by-step animation videos on in-studio screens. By taking advantage of CasparCG’s ability to play un-cached video clips directly from disk, and combined with the instant transitions such as mix and push, each step can be cued and played when the presenter reaches certain keywords, regadless of individual reading speeds.


Kid’s Quiz Show: Vi i 5:an

Broadcast nationally once a week each spring. All in-studio graphics (9 LCD monitors and 3 projectors) and scoring systems was handled by CasparCG.


Swedish Election 2006

The same Flash SWF was used both on the public web site and to broadcast the election results on TV. CasparCG was used for all broadcasts of the national and local election results, all fed by an external database.